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Young people in five African countries have been discovering how spirituality can improve their daily lives, thanks to a series of projects run by The Jesuit Youth Office of Southern Africa.   

The programmes – operating in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa – prepare participants to be leaders in their communities and are built on Jesuit values such as discernment, hope and action.   

During last year’s Season of Creation, for example, those taking part were encouraged to reflect on climate justice, the beauty of our natural world and their cultural heritage.  

MAGIS ‘formation weekends’ across the Southern Africa province gave young people the opportunity to build on their relationship with God and think about how they can project this positively onto others.  

Our partners reported that, as a result of these projects, many people saw themselves as “better parents and spouses” and more likely to “speak out about injustices in society”.  

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