Season of Creation – Let Justice and Peace Flow!

Each day the news is filled with ominous warnings about climate change. We read about melting glaciers, raging fires, and warming seas.

The ecological balance that humans have always taken for granted, and often exploited for profit at the expense of both the earth and the poor, is precarious.

This Season of Creation we are called upon to be people of hope and action, taking to heart the call of the prophet Amos to let justice and peace flow.

His message calls for us to take an honest look at ourselves and the damage that we have done to the earth and what we risk leaving for future generations. We are also called upon to respond with creativity and daring to what Pope Francis calls the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.

At Jesuit Missions our partners are impacted by climate change now. Once in a generation storms are happening with disturbing regularity, droughts, deforestation, and environmental degradation are harming the created world of which humans are an integral part.

This Season of Creation, Jesuit Missions is working in collaboration with our partners at the Centre Arrupe in Madagascar to share the story of the work that they are doing to care for our common home in one of the most biodiverse places on earth, but one that is at tremendous risk from climate change.

The youth focused work of the Centre presents a dynamic picture of what can be done when people come together to care for our common home and champion human dignity.  

The centre provides environmental training, awareness raising, produces documentaries, videos, radio broadcasts, and holds conferences and green weekends, as well providing a reforestation initiative. Their work provides extraordinary testimony to what is possible when people come together in solidarity to care for creation.

In September join us on this journey of exploration, learn more about the work of Jesuit Missions and that of our partners at the Centre Arrupe, and about ways that you can be a force for positive change.

We’ll be providing weekly reflections, podcasts, resources and social media posts to keep you informed and give you ways to promote change and support the work of our partners.

Together we can be agents of change, bringing hope to the world.

Click here for a selection of resources to help you get involved in this year’s Season of Creation.

Images: Unsplash/Navi; Ashwin Vaswani

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