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South Sudan

South Sudan is the world’s newest country having separated from Sudan in 2011. After a hopeful start, Sudan has experienced a desperate first ten years of independence because of political instability and internal conflict.

Jesuit Missions is the lead agency in a long term project in South Sudan which is working to rebuild Jesuit initiatives that serve the poorest in the region.

Read about a number of initiatives we are supporting in South Sudan:

MAJIS Agricultural Institute

Founded in 2010, the Multi-educational and Agricultural Jesuit Institute of South Sudan, was supposed to provide a learning environment to improve crop and livestock productivity in the lead up to independence.

Unfortunately civil war has meant that this project fell well short of expectations as it is based in the most volatile part of the country. Jesuit Missions is currently working to rebuild the project which is aimed at local women.

Our support has helped make the following Improvements:

  • Diversifying the project with inclusion of bee keeping
  • Creating a compound fence to stop intruders
  • Peacebuilding work through integrating the different clans in its classes

St Peter Claver Training Centre

The Centre was founded in 2008 with the aim to offer students a basic education in computer, electricity and solar training. It mainly targets the local community where a lack of technical education has led to mass unemployment. Jesuit Missions has been supporting the centre’s renewal to ensure its future stability by providing:

  • New windows and desk in computer room
  • 30 new long lasting metal chairs to replace plastic ones
  • A new computer for a new staff member

Mazzolari Teacher Training Centre

The Centre was founded in 2011 and predominantly serves the Dinka community (South Sudan’s largest ethnic group). With enormous difficulty the centre has remained continually open throughout the conflict. This centre has become increasingly important in a country where 39,189 students are taught by 237 trained but 762 untrained teachers.

As part of our on going work in South Sudan we have contributed to the centres renewal which has encompassed:

  • Constructing a Jesuit residence with more bedrooms
  • Expanding the two-year full-time Certificate course for Primary School Teachers with 36 students now enrolled.
  • Enhanced science teaching through the purchase of  apparatus and wall charts.


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