Training with Jesuit Missions

Those who volunteer with Jesuit Missions possess a wide range of experience. This is invaluable, whether it’s a background in teaching, organisational skills, computing, design or public speaking.

We will provide training in a variety of areas to help you feel confident about your JM role. This will include the work of Jesuit Missions, the context of the Society of Jesus, public speaking, safeguarding, health and safety, fundraising strategies, and planning events.

We’ll make sure that you are comfortable with the role and have up-to-date briefings. Jesuit Missions will cover travel expenses and provide a reasonable stipend to cover food.


Click here for information on fundraising.

Preparing a presentation/workshop

Jesuit Missions will provide you with a script if you are giving a presentation or workshop, along with guidelines on how to proceed.

Planning an event

Whether it’s planning an event in your local area, or joining one in another city, your presence sends a clear message about the need to create a more just world; one where no one gets left out.

The range of events is limitless. Organise a pilgrimage, sustainability picnic, charity gala, ceilidh, concert, solidarity walk, bake sale or other event. Together we have the ability to inform and ultimately to change lives. We are looking for your creativity.

Parish appeals

Jesuit Missions relies on donations in order to support our partners. Parish appeals play a vital role in this. Volunteer to deliver a parish appeal. We’ll provide a script and detailed guidelines. Whether you are speaking in your own parish, or further afield, your presence sends a powerful message about our work and the needs of our partners.


By volunteering to speak you can share the experience and stories of our overseas partners. In schools, parishes, young adults’ groups or chaplaincies, whether delivering a parish appeal, a school assembly, or workshop, your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm will help to raise awareness and the much-needed money that makes our work possible.

Jesuit Missions will provide training and resources to help you make the best possible impact.