South Sudanese fashionista eyes her own store

Muna (centre) shows off her designs

A young South Sudanese woman dreams of opening her own tailoring shop after developing a passion for fashion on Jesuit-supported training courses.

Muna Albashar, from Wau, benefitted from the Mustard Seed Job Training and Professional Empowerment Programme – an initiative backed by Jesuit Missions.

Here she acquired skills in masonry, and fashion and design, graduating with a certificate in the latter in October.

Muna has already secured regular work designing and making clothes, and her outfits have reportedly captured the attention of the local community.

These early successes mean she is able to provide for her mother and her seven sisters, helping her three younger siblings with their school costs.

The former Loyola Secondary School student has now set her sights on opening her own tailoring shop.

She has already saved some money for machinery and materials, and the popularity of her designs means she can expect plenty of orders if it becomes a reality.

Her mother, whose husband died when Muna was a child, is said to be “elated” with her daughter’s achievements and the support she provides.

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