‘Unity is power’: Tea workers secure better food rations following community campaign

Workers at an Indian tea garden now receive better food rations following a campaign to ensure they are treated fairly.

Representatives from Lok Manch, a Jesuit Missions’ partner that fights for community rights across India, stepped in after it emerged that the workers in Kolkata were not getting their full grain allowance.

According to Lok Manch, new ration cards had been issued that would provide the tea garden staff with access to good quality ingredients at subsidised prices.

However, issues with the distribution system meant this was not being realised.

A Lok Manch spokesperson said: “Proper quality and quantity of the food items were not maintained.

“This problem increased day by day and, because of this, it was important for us to get this seen to.”

The workers, with support from local community leaders appointed by Lok Manch, wrote a letter to the food distribution organisation outlining their problem.

In around a week’s time, the issue was resolved, with the workers receiving full, good quality rations.

“Community leaders have shown their involvement when it comes to settling these things. Unity is power, and they have proved this by doing such noble work for the people of the tea garden – and in record time,” the spokesperson added.

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