Widowed father of four can feed family again after landing new ration card

A widower is now able to feed himself and his four children after a Jesuit-supported community rights’ group secured him a new ration card.

Manoj Urave, from the village of Kolivadih in Kerala, India, was left with little means to support his family after his wife, Deshi, died from illness.

His wages, which amounted to less than £1.50 a day, could not cover basic food costs, and the family ration card, which was used to supplement his income, was in Deshi’s name.

After several unsuccessful attempts to secure a new ration card, he contacted Lok Manch, a nationwide organisation and Jesuit Missions’ partner, which fights for community rights.

Lok Manch’s ‘community leaders’ (CLs) specialise in resolving often convoluted administration issues and, after hearing from Manoj, CL Lakshman Rathiya approached the ration card issuers to explain the situation.

Just two weeks after he had approached Lok Manch, Manoj received his new card.

A Lok Manch spokesperson said: “This has not only helped him feed his family in a proper manner but has also allowed him to save some money for his children’s other needs.

“This came about due to constant follow-ups from the CL, who was empowered, capacitated and trained by the [Jesuit Missions-backed] project.”

Image: Unsplash/Aaron Burden

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