Jesuit Missions at the COP28 Global Day of Action

As COP28 prepares to draw to a close this week, Jesuit Missions joined other Faith groups on Saturday (December 9) to demand climate justice now!

On the Global Day of Action for COP28, organised by the Climate Justice Coalition, Hundreds of people from dozens of different Faith groups gathered outside the HQ of BP in central London on Saturday morning to listen to speakers talk about the climate crisis, the solutions, and why politicians and leaders from across the world must take decisive action now.

These past six weeks have been our ‘Justice at COP28’ campaign, where we highlighted our concern about a warming planet and its impact on countries, particularly in the Global South. Our work in places such as Madagascar, South Sudan and India – with some of the most vulnerable people on Earth – is focused on helping communities become climate-resilient in the face of rising global temperatures.

Depleted agriculture, scarce water supplies and devastated communities are the product of a global system that, so far, has refused to take serious and committed action to tackle climate change, most obviously in the rising use of fossil fuels that we see around the world. Fossil fuel use is the key driver of man-made climate change, and the science has been clear for years; only by cutting fossil fuel use can we hope to control global temperature rises, which are affecting us all.

We first gathered at the London Jesuit Centre to hear updates from the COP28 negotiations, and to pray for those experiencing the effects of climate change, as well as those in global leadership positions who are called on to take action.

At 11am, supporters and clergy then marched to St James Sq (the location of BP) to join the other Faith groups brought together including Tearfund, Cafod, Laudato Si’ movement, Faith For The Climate, Operation Noah, Christian Climate Action and the Peace & Justice group from the Diocese of Westminster.

The rally at BP HQ heard from several speakers to reiterate the need for Governments to take action. The march then continued through central London, ending in Trafalgar Sq.

Thank you to all who joined us on the day to pray and march for climate justice. As Christians, it is important that we follow Pope Francis’ call to ‘care for our common home’. To find out more about our ‘Justice at COP28’ campaign and sign up to be involved in our advocacy work – click here.

By John McManus and Rebecca Reece

Photos 1 & 4 Credit to Denise Baker

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