Rain can’t dampen Glasgow sustainability picnic

While the rainy weather was quintessentially Scottish, so too was the warm Glaswegian welcome when this year’s Season of Creation Sustainability picnic took place at St Aloysius’ Parish on Sunday (September 17).

The event, hosted jointly by St Aloysius’ Parish and Jesuit Missions, allowed the more than fifty guests to learn about climate-related issues and how the climate crisis is impacting Jesuit Missions’ partners in places such as Madagascar. It also gave a chance for those gathered to discuss what they can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The picnic was organized by members of the parish led by Anne Walker and MaryJo Hillier and included a selection of vegetarian dishes served in sustainable style.

Parishioner and Laudato Si’ Animator, Catherine McLean, shared some climate updates with everyone, while Parish Priest Fr Gerard Mitchell SJ, and Jesuit Missions Community Engagement Officer Lynn McWilliams spoke about the impact the climate crisis is having on Jesuit Missions partners around the world and the urgent need to take action now.

Lynn said: “While urgent action is needed at governmental level, individuals have a vital role to play both in terms of embracing lifestyle changes and speaking out for climate justice.

“It is imperative that we use our voices to bring about this necessary change, thus caring for our common home, our global neighbours, and future generations.”

To find out more about our Season of Creation initiatives, click here. You can also find a host of campaign materials on our dedicated resources page.

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